i’ve been thinking a lot today about how we humans have a funny way of dealing with unbalanced fears & anxieties. we tend to go through this internal dialogue over them that often sabotages our happiness more than it propels us into action that could have truly positive results. it’s a great way to stay exactly where you are.

this morning on “the farm” i was sitting pleasantly with my coffee and watching my daughter ride her bike around in the yard. her shriek snapped me out of a meditation & interrupted the flow of a conversation i was having. there was a snake, a big one!

snakes are actually very peaceful beings for the most part. they typically have no desire to hurt humans and their behavior is rarely aggressive. and yet i have to admit i’m still kind of intimidated by them. so at first i was leery of getting too close. but as we stood there and watched it for awhile i started to appreciate how beautiful it really was and my fear of it slowly dissipated. i think it felt the same way because after a few minutes it just gracefully continued on its path towards a pine tree then slowly up the tree until it stretched out and rested on a low branch. at that point i walked right up beside it and talked to it for a while. (mhmm, yep, i talk to animals. if you don’t you should try it sometime. if nothing else it will probably make you laugh.) that tree is its home during the day.

it wasn’t the first time i’ve seen the snake. a few days ago it was farther down the lane warming itself on the asphalt. i was much more afraid of it then, deliberately going out of my way to stay far away from it and i even grabbed a stick to defend myself lest it jump up & strike me. :ROFL:

but really it’s not that funny at all. our fears that have more basis in potentiality than reality often make us do crazy things like that and give us great emotional turmoil. i’m glad that today when the snake presented itself i was able to hear its true message, which was nothing to fear at all.

snakes are powerful & beautiful creatures that have a transformative life cycle, similar in some ways to the butterfly [and humans]. they don’t hold onto things that weigh them down, they shed them and emerge renewed & sleeker. they are also very balanced, active & cunning in moonlight and peaceful & restorative in sunlight. they perceive life through an uncommon lens and they know how to use all their senses to understand their surroundings on a more comprehensive, balanced level. in their own unique way snakes are very loving.

it actually doesn’t take a lot of strength to overcome fears & anxieties about things that haven’t even happened yet. it just takes the ability to hear your soul’s voice a little louder than the voice of your own unfounded reasoning & doubt. it takes a wider perspective & less narrow belief system.

our hopes & fears are wound tightly together on a spiritual level. when we encounter opportunities our beliefs usually determine whether we move forward or stay the same. our beliefs can only change by changing our perspective. the perspective we need is out there, all around us. sometimes it’s the snake in a tree – a being of love & beauty. whether we accept it as such, well that’s the choice we each make every day.

“it will take more than an argument…so why keep trying?”

by JTW
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