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radio presets
i try to silence these expectations
but they pound my mind with revelations
and in this deafening contemplation
i feel the inexorable desperation
of hearts drenched by dehydration
in the romantic’s trench of trepidation
wherein lies the subtle stench of reckless stagnation

passion in moderation?
it’s never been my inspiration
plus i thought that with enough mutual adoration
maybe a spark could light our navigation
chalk it up to my insatiably experimental imagination
or my tenaciously detrimental determination
either way it’s one of those rainy days
plenty of seeds but no germination
and none of the presets fit

so i tune to different stations
trying to better define my latest hesitations
tap my leg to their beating flagellations
and drive blindly to only one
of two possible destinations

“i’ve been looking at you too much from the outside, from the outside…”

by JTW
©2013 JTW “” All rights reserved.

my night last night was filled with the most bizarre lightning i’ve ever seen – horizontal red bolts that looked like something from a star trek episode (yes i love star trek, thank you very much) and so close you could feel the electricity filling the atmosphere. scary in a majestic way, gorgeous from a safe distance.

ironically, my day today also involved light – i was helping a friend of mine (who is a floral artist) hang strands of lights criss-crossed above a large ballroom, intertwining with a chandelier in the middle, for a wedding. it was oddly heavy, it was complicated, at times it was unsafe. some bulbs were burnt out and had to be replaced. some of them shattered if we accidentally bumped them. all we had to hang it with was double-sided tape, a lot of it. basically, it was a pain in the ass. and i’m sure the bride & guests loved it.

what you have is what you believe
so go ‘head & grieve
the loss of your dreams
by your own heart deceives
that which your own mouth decrees

when lightning split the trees
and she was down on her knees
begging you please
begging you please

you question and hold it up under
a starry blue-print shy of wonder
asking some rice for advice to ponder
till your pen claps with thunder
and it’s sawn asunder

when lightning split the trees
and she was down on her knees
begging you please
begging you please

don’t judge it before it’s too late
here’s one sock, where’s its mate
anger & fear turn to V8
till your eyes can’t see straight
and you attempt to sedate
cause those expectations berate

like a train hauling freight
what will you do with the weight
how do you know if it’s fate
if his trick is your trait
build a pond & ice skate

when snow fell on the trees
and he was down on his knees
begging you please
begging you please

both the lightning last night and the lighting i put up today were beautiful, depending on your perspective.

“it’s almost like being free…”

by JTW
©2012 JTW “” All rights reserved.

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