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in many directions are the paths that we trod
over mountains
through meadows
headfirst into the deep seas of the heart

we meet blizzards
and frosts
and the coldest depths unimaginable
along these journeys we’re called

we touch sparks from the sun
we rest in warm blades of grass
we are refreshed

so fear not dear one
neither wait nor search
for the moments our paths cross
are not of our making
but the way of the road that calls us home

“live your life and leave it…”

by JTW
©2011 JTW “” All rights reserved.

for d1…and the others…

for some, life is transient & illusive, like a u-haul truck bound for unknown destinations carrying anyone’s belongings but your own.

you wake up day after day looking in the mirror, looking for anything to grasp onto. any shred of reality to cling tight to. but it’s never enough. the hunger is still there, no matter what you try to satiate it with. pills, people, prayer. but the human condition burns through all of it.

i think nervous breakdowns are highly underrated. in fact, i think they’re absolutely necessary. if not, they wouldn’t exist. they’re a survival mechanism. carnal fight & flight wrapped up together in a hailstorm of realizations.

it’s amazing how different it feels in the different stages – delusions all the way through. first delusions that anything is wrong. then delusions about how to fix it. then delusions about sanity & need. delusions about desire. until you reach the rock hard bottom. when you slam against the floor and realize that which only those who have laid in that place know. and you look up above at the swirling storm receding – the fragments of your life up to that point melting away, their energy fading back into the universe. and it’s just you. inside absolute stillness. absolute calm.

you can’t know ahead of time when any of it will happen. it just takes you. you can fight it as long as you can, you can deny the realities. you can hang onto the shreds. until one day you just can’t. the sea takes you on a tremendous ride and you fall unconcious.

when you wake up on that shore it’s just you & a mirror. you’ll look into it and see what you were searching for all along.

“2,000 years of chasin’ takin’ its toll…”

©2011 JTW “” All rights reserved.


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