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i slept so much the last two days. didn’t get up until after 2 pm both of ‘em. sleep really does wonders for the mood even though most of the time i keep vampire’s hours and then i just run on caffeine and adrenaline and other various stimulants.

there really is no point to this post. there’s no epic update. no beautiful words. no pain. really it’s all just a bit meh right now. all a bit waiting. and i decided that was post-worthy because it’s real & true to life. sometimes life is waiting. waiting for the school bus, waiting for the coffee to brew, waiting for the line to move, waiting for the other shoe to drop. waiting is a big part of life.

28 days. it doesn’t sound like much but it hasn’t moved fast. so i drop another letter in the box and sign it with love. that’s all i can do. and throw in a twenty cause i know what it feels like.

and some things are just too complicated. better wait till we’re in person. better wait till all the answers can be questioned and all the questions can’t be answered. and around & around we’ll go. but i have some things to say before, ya know?

and you’ll get what you want. but it’ll be when i’m good & ready. and soonish. cause it is all just a bit meh right now. and i hate meh.

let’s see…what else? oh yeah, i’m glad vacation is over. i missed the commiseration. and size is overrated. among other things.

and then i guess pretzel & pepperoni sandwiches about sums it up. so yeah, thanks for visiting. until next time.

“who knows what tomorrow will bring…”

by JTW
©2011 JTW “” All rights reserved.

i did it alone
i made the trip
i crossed the world
to where
they don’t know me
they don’t know my name

the real me arrived here
when the ship docked
i walked on the shore
no more chains
the chains i felt trapped in so long
they mean nothing here
they have no power here
this is me now
this is me, and i won
i won that war
i made it

i was tired
i needed to leave it all
had to give up some things
some things i thought were part of me
but they weren’t
they were just part of
my cardboard cutout

and now that i can breathe here
now that i can sleep here
here in this new place
now i think i’ll meet some new people
i think i’ll tell them my name
i think i’ll be their friend
i think i’ll love again

“you don’t wear my chains…”

by JTW
©2010 JTW “” All rights reserved.

originally posted in comments here.


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