something you may or may not know about me is that i’m in the real estate industry. :-/

i can’t even type that without frowning…these days. don’t get me wrong, i’ve been in real estate going on close to a decade and it’s been darn good to me. but as of late (the last 24 months) it’s been like the titanic – hitting iceberg after iceberg.

i want off. badly. in fact, i basically did jump off in june. i basically shut off almost everything having to do with real estate. i stopped following it in the news, i stopped obsessing over mortgage programs, interest rates, legislation, unemployment, etc. i just couldn’t take it anymore. i needed a break. without completely realizing it, i became totally disenchanted with my chosen profession because of the behemoth of problems it’s become. i turned to writing and escapism.

the thing is…i like to eat. sometimes you don’t realize just how much you like to eat until the possibility of not having food starts to look more like a reality.

the other thing is, well, i like to eat expensive food. and drink expensive wine. being basically a hermit the past three months, i sort of forgot how much i like certain “luxuries” and how expensive they are.

i’ve got to snap out of this. plus i need to start saving again. i’m going to be 30 soon and i no longer have anything substantial left in the way of investments. my only “saving” grace is that i’m virtually debt-free.

i hate money. i hate what money does to people. and it doesn’t matter whether it’s the stingy extra $1 you reluctantly give to the waitress at the diner or the half a million dollar McMansion i sold last winter – money turns people into crazies.

still, i need money to fund my food & wine habit. so folks, i’m ending my hiatus as of today and embracing my profession with all the love and hope i can possibly muster. she’s always been on my mind…just way, way in the back of it.

don’t worry, i’m never going to give up writing. but you might have to endure some real estate tilted posts/rants now and then.

[shameless plug warning!] oh, and if you know anyone who needs to buy or sell a home…tell them to look me up – Maryland, DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania….basically anywhere in the Capital Region.

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