thank you to @raneedillon for hosting me last week over at her place.

i ♥ ambiguous metaphor. it allows the reader to paint their own emotions, fears & desires onto an open canvas that i’m priviledged to provide. occasionally, the imagination of my readers goes far beyond the scope of my intended message. for better or for worse, when that happens i know i’ve produced a good piece.

ranee was kind enough to inspire me with the following prompt:

a poem trapped in the stir crazy mind…desperate for the relief found on alabaster pages…

below is the resulting poem & some explanatory prose. i don’t usually provide interpretation for my poetry, but i thought the subject matter of this piece made for a nice prose accompaniment.


springing forth inside a maze-like cavern
i toil in sinuous oscillation toward my destination
to be combusted by the friction between your fingertips

my purpose, your utility
building into the crescendo of our release
ebony waves crashing on the shores of our alabaster universe

i believe everyone has poetry lying dormant inside the deep wells of the soul. blood pumps from the heart, feeding & carrying oxygen through our bodies. so too, words of passion & authenticity flow within the soul like a heavy petroleum-waiting only for the thrust of creativity and ignition of life to be caught ablaze.

we are all closet poets. we commute through life meditating on yesterday & today, formulating a plan for tomorrow. all of this quiet contemplation is energy that if we stopped long enough to record, would fill up volumes upon volumes of self-analysis and universal truth.

the next time life happens, write it down. let the emotions trapped inside your mind flow from your heart to your arm, to your fingertips. let your stream of consciousness bleed onto paper. you just might find that your internal poet is the kindred spirit you’ve always wanted to meet but never knew existed. without fail, you’ll experience a profound release, as the pressure bubbling inside gives birth to the tangible.

“my gift is my song and, this one’s for you…”

by JTW
©2010 JTW “” All rights reserved.