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on a daily basis we have the privilege of strolling through the intimate thoughts of people who’ve accepted the challenge & call to bare their soul for all to see on the pages of the blogosphere.

it feels intimidating & scary at first – to put raw feelings & emotion in front of the world. but if you’ve been thinking of taking the plunge don’t ignore the nagging. if you’ve been writing in a private journal, keep channeling the energy the way that you are – in healthy ways like writing. be wary of those that would seek to invalidate your expression because they don’t understand you…and they’re afraid. they probably do mean well.

you might be surprised though, how much your words or art could affect others. humans, unlike most other creatures, need a sense of community in order to survive. we need to know we’re not alone.

and you’re not.

whole day
(from the vault)

all these instruments
all this silence
and what to do
which way to go

such a strong voice
presented early
with choice

what you see
do not fear
step back further
till you’re near
the world awaits you
and it needs to hear
when the rush is so strong
it can seem unclear
but follow your heart
till the answers appear

create in vivid
color in your own lines
true beauty has no map
it’s written in signs
follow the journey
love the entire way
peel past the morning
embrace the whole day

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“everybody here’s got somebody…”

by JTW
©2011 JTW “” All rights reserved.

originally written here.

today i should be writing warm & fuzzy. too many deep, dark serious posts lately. the atmosphere greatly needs a mood lift. the weather outside matches my inside perfectly. cloudy with scattered showers. not cold, but not warm. drizzle.

today, as i watch my posts being quickly raided one by one under the scrutiny of judgmental eyes, i find myself being torn by feelings of defensiveness & sadness over the space widening around me. there’s a bridge, to be sure. but still, why?

to run is obviously not an option. but how can i defend riddles? yes, riddles.

i wish more people could relate to what it’s like to be a prolific poet. even more, i wish that i could write an instruction manual on how to read poetry & prose. except, that would never work. no matter how much instruction, people will always read within the framework of their predispositions. besides, that is the whole point.

i’m not afraid of the stones. i knew that to publicize my work i would be opening myself up to criticism. still, i suppose i underestimated the rippling impact, sometimes negative. definitely i underestimated how some people would try to use riddles to crucify their author. of course that’s nothing new, why should my experience be any different?

the sun is rapidly going down and the moon will be hidden tonight. but they’ll come back tomorrow. after all, they’re addicted. i’ll try to find warmth in that.

i think jeff beck could relate.

by JTW
©2010 JTW “” All rights reserved.

thank you to @raneedillon for hosting me last week over at her place.

i ♥ ambiguous metaphor. it allows the reader to paint their own emotions, fears & desires onto an open canvas that i’m priviledged to provide. occasionally, the imagination of my readers goes far beyond the scope of my intended message. for better or for worse, when that happens i know i’ve produced a good piece.

ranee was kind enough to inspire me with the following prompt:

a poem trapped in the stir crazy mind…desperate for the relief found on alabaster pages…

below is the resulting poem & some explanatory prose. i don’t usually provide interpretation for my poetry, but i thought the subject matter of this piece made for a nice prose accompaniment.


springing forth inside a maze-like cavern
i toil in sinuous oscillation toward my destination
to be combusted by the friction between your fingertips

my purpose, your utility
building into the crescendo of our release
ebony waves crashing on the shores of our alabaster universe

i believe everyone has poetry lying dormant inside the deep wells of the soul. blood pumps from the heart, feeding & carrying oxygen through our bodies. so too, words of passion & authenticity flow within the soul like a heavy petroleum-waiting only for the thrust of creativity and ignition of life to be caught ablaze.

we are all closet poets. we commute through life meditating on yesterday & today, formulating a plan for tomorrow. all of this quiet contemplation is energy that if we stopped long enough to record, would fill up volumes upon volumes of self-analysis and universal truth.

the next time life happens, write it down. let the emotions trapped inside your mind flow from your heart to your arm, to your fingertips. let your stream of consciousness bleed onto paper. you just might find that your internal poet is the kindred spirit you’ve always wanted to meet but never knew existed. without fail, you’ll experience a profound release, as the pressure bubbling inside gives birth to the tangible.

“my gift is my song and, this one’s for you…”

by JTW
©2010 JTW “” All rights reserved.


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