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there’s a sort of internal struggle with balance & contrast in a very specific but very large area of my life that has been quite a strain on my most important relationships and my own sense of well-being. sometimes it causes me to act out. sometimes it causes me to send off serious “leave me the hell alone” vibes. other times it’s an addictive obsession.

so for as much as i’ll never let go of certain hermitudinal ways in the interest of self-preservation, i must admit it feels amazing to have more than a couple rooms occupied as of late, extended stay. it may be a bit premature to say, but i always knew this could work, i never lost faith. it’s the future, the next dimension. infinite love repeated all through nature, art & music, you & me, us.

what comes next is the trickier part i suppose. the meshing, the combining. will it blend? will it break? see, it’s not my choice alone. but i do feel stronger and more content, because at least now i know it’s possible. it will happen, someday. settling is definitely not an option.

three, maybe four…who knows, maybe more.

“wait for me, please hang around…”

by JTW
©2012 JTW “” All rights reserved.

yeah, i admit i get a little sidetracked. (yes, i said a little!) :P

it’s just that sometimes weary travelers find my building and they’re not quite ready for it. but it’s late at night and they’re lost. so they stay anyway, for maybe a night or two. i never meant for it to be an inn, but that’s what it has been lately, more often than not. and i guess that’s okay really. my building is for me, it’s not for everyone.

you’d think those five months of what you had would be enough. ha! who am i kidding? add another 95 and then make all kinds of excuses. and they’ll help you sleep at night – in between checking for messages.

and still, you’re not quite certain. but hon, i digress. a lot. and my attention span just isn’t what it…well, let’s just say it measures value for me. it retains what’s worth it and the rest it expunges. i used to be obsessive about saving everything but that was when i wasn’t healthy. and not that i’ve jumped to the other extreme but my fingers have a new dexterity for the delete key that wasn’t there before.

so i think you might have been a little surprised. maybe thought you were gonna play some games for a few days – nah, that kinda drama is so <2010.

yep, i'm good. this morning i went shopping for a shiny new guestbook. come by, stay as long as you like, don't forget to leave a sweet comment or two on your way out!

oh, and if you get too noisy, the management may take issue with that. this is supposed to be a place of safety, of tranquility. the permanent residents don't have any patience for anything less – fair warning.

redecorate? sure! at least every seven years!

renovations? not a chance.

"we had a choice…"

by JTW
©2011 JTW “” All rights reserved.


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