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i have to admit
it makes me wonder too
written so many things
seldom this hard to do

hearing every outcome
knowing how it ends
the type of ink that drips
from a different kind of pen

will you see a sunset
will i see a sunrise
are their colors we cherish now
just the primer of demise

marveling at what awaits
down the roads we choose to travel
loving every chapter
of the stories we unravel

today is the first day full of lush & green. i had hoped it would be like this. the highway takes on a fresh, invigorated demeanor. just perfect for moving forward.

i never thought that one would leave me. but that’s probably because i sometimes forget they’re not really mine and that they have a role to play just like the rest of us.

i don’t know if you noticed the tears as i said goodbye. he was my friend, you see. we had been through a lot. but i know he’s in good hands. he’ll be your friend now and show you so much. until he’s finished.

it’s funny how a part of you wants so bad for me to write it and yet another part hopes desperately that i never will. i also think it’s funny that either of us ever thinks we have control over anything. i vacillate on that one, too.

but the answer was clear enough. that one cloud wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon and i respect it too much. so i guess we should just enjoy the sparkle.

i keep flirting with kicking this up a notch. it seems like it’s time and soon you’ll be just far enough away. are you in? whudya say? after all, this is turning out to be one of the lushest summers either of us has seen in awhile. i’ll put my foot over the throttle. when you’re ready, you press on my knee.

“the speed at which we move…”

by JTW
©2011 JTW “” All rights reserved.

the way home is under the green sign to the right, but my car stays in left lane. as if i’m no longer controlling it, something else takes over and i submit fully. i know where this leads, i know this feeling well…something magical is about to happen.

i’m not a planner. well, not anymore anyway. give me an appointment or deadline and i resent the disruptive pressure immediately. despite what you may have been told, it hinders the revelation of experiences you might have otherwise had. it dries out the ground where something incredible might have sprouted.

in lieu of planning, i look for what i refer to as “the click.” it’s the moment the universe speaks to you, trying to tell you what comes next. you’ve probably heard it before in your own life. it might have been when you got that inexplicable feeling that you should go just a little farther down that country road. or the time you stopped at that questionable-looking restaurant in the middle of nowhere only to be amazed by the food & atmosphere. or maybe it was that time when you had an overwhelming urge to talk to a stranger without knowing why you should – but you knew afterwards.

next time you have a day where nothing is planned just get in the car and start driving. go in the direction you’ve always been curious about but never had the time to explore. don’t second-guess yourself; submit to the path that unfolds before you. let something else take the lead for the day.

the engine growls, sending loose gravel flying out from under the tires. a warm spring breeze blows through the sunroof & windows. the smell of wildflowers, awakening forest, fresh cut lawn and a hint of smoke grace the air. the bright green grass, the shimmering river, the sun & puffy clouds – everything is happy today, giving us their best, taking us much higher than all those stuffy rows of chairs ever did.

i woke up that day without a plan or an expectation. i fell asleep that day with the kind of memories you simply can’t contrive – you just have to let the river current carry you, from one amazing moment to the next.

“but i could feel it, on a country road…”

by JTW
©2011 JTW “” All rights reserved.

my submission this week for #oneshotwednesday @onestoppoetry.

shoulder dip
black & red
tight high heels
flickering flame

surveys room
one by one
hazy scene
calculating game
late at night

kisses cheek
smile’n nod
loud drum beats
such a shame
he just might

extends hand
front to back
spinning heat
lookers frame
surreal sight

certain glance
yes or no
could it mean
probably won’t mame
but may bite

walks on out
stop & go
city streets
softly purrs name
then takes flight


by JTW
©2011 JTW “” All rights reserved.


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