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[seems like a good day for another one. bernie is such an extraordinary & original lyricist. their collaboration is timeless & legendary. (why settle for less?)]

i knew i had something to say
but the sun hadn’t come out for a long time
until today

and i want to thank you
for parting the clouds
and pointing the way
if it weren’t for this love
well we all must pay
but now i know
there’s more to these questions i pray

so she came back to me
with all her brilliance & light
and we felt something right
besides cold in the night

it resumes
but with less empty rooms
and i cherish the ride
where nothing must hide
from the love inside

“until you’ve seen…i thank the lord…”

by JTW
©2011 JTW “” All rights reserved.

for g & k. thank you.

we went walking
where our ghosts have stood
and all these haunted houses
line the streets
of battles fought & won
but we’re not done
no we’re not done

there are cemeteries
but there’s no rest
and there’ll be no rest for us
these colors must wave
for every hunted generation
in every grave

take me driving
through an open land
with sunsets in my favorite hue
and i’ll know it’s good
when we’re getting through

tour this battlefield
and sing with me
we will rise
again & again
to see our children free

we’ll make the sacrifice
like those gone before us
and their hearts will hear our cry
yeah we might fail
and some will die
but we’ll never go away
we will fight
till our flag flies high

“there’s fighting there and the company needs men…”

by JTW
©2011 JTW “” All rights reserved.

takin’ the back way ’round
yeah i guess you would’ve used ‘em
if you’d had the letters right
what a mask
kept it clean & tight
just in case
watched out for him
triple word score

wait in the truck
i’ll be right out
come on now, don’t pout
you made it up for what you’re without

hey, i love your reasons
they’ll make for some very pretty hedges
here, take my scissors
cause they’re sharp, devoid of pleasures
what a mask
but just in case
watch out for him
keep it clean & tight

no, i checked my schedule
well, let me get back to you next week
bonus for imagination
and the ones you cannot keep
yeah, there was this time
and it didn’t fill volumes
but double word score
so worth all the points
even if i did feel

i had to wait in the truck
they’d be right out
come on now, tried not to pout
was makin’ it up for what we’re without

but now? no i passed on that set
wasn’t worth anything
little blank tiles just raisin’ my bet
what a mask

keep on truckin’
cause you’re not there yet
and just in case
watch out for him
keep it clean & tight

“if you choose to you can…”

by JTW
©2011 JTW “” All rights reserved.

*yes i know it’s not a “real” word. so what. sue me.


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