another awesome #poetvolley with the superbly talented @artemisretreats. enjoy.

wishing, waiting
frustrating anticipating
until it’s debilitating
no longer reciprocating

manifesting the impossible

but wait, but wait, but wait
where are you going?
could this be that one thing
is it showing?

stop admiring the fight
stop longing for the struggle
stand here
breathing with me

i’ll swipe, declined
swipe, declined
over limit, undermined
once was free
now charges fined

we tried
our hearts sizzling
fried shots fired
words seizing
tugging, exhausting even
our deepest desire

with all that value, my love
i believe, my love
love me, my love
go ‘round that way, my love
and hold me

my heart
tired after bedtime stories
too many damn sorrys
hold me, forgive me
breathe with me
hold on

accepting, staying
happily appreciating
we go on emancipating
no longer hesitating

“keep it steady…”

by JTW and the lovely Mujerzen
©2011 JTW “” All rights reserved.