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we went walking
where our ghosts have stood
and all these haunted houses
line the streets
of battles fought & won
but we’re not done
no we’re not done

there are cemeteries
but there’s no rest
and there’ll be no rest for us
these colors must wave
for every hunted generation
in every grave

take me driving
through an open land
with sunsets in my favorite hue
and i’ll know it’s good
when we’re getting through

tour this battlefield
and sing with me
we will rise
again & again
to see our children free

we’ll make the sacrifice
like those gone before us
and their hearts will hear our cry
yeah we might fail
and some will die
but we’ll never go away
we will fight
till our flag flies high

“there’s fighting there and the company needs men…”

by JTW
©2011 JTW “” All rights reserved.

it’s one of those nights where i think i could almost write a post. gawd knows it’s been long enough! (eek!)

and it’s not for lack of material. hell, my life is an endless bin of material and i’ve been adding to the vault over the last few weeks. but i haven’t published. what can i say? just wasn’t feelin’ it? already said it before? some things are just for me?

i like facial hair. sue me.

i like nail polish & eyeliner. deal with it.

i like bright bold colors that clash. they make me happy.

i like my style and my style never sacrifices comfort. what else matters?

so yep, it’s random chair-bubble-dancing tonight and i’m crawling out. i can’t stay down here forever. it’s dark & icky. it’s cold. who in their right mind would want to be in this place?

but here’s a word of caution from the depths, from the dreary place where i’ve been hiding: don’t mistake running away for crawling out. in fact they’re complete opposites. running takes you down deeper. and it depletes all your creative energy.

crawling out, for me, starts with asserting my me-ness.

(the photo above and this song have almost no relevance here. almost. i took the photo on my way home from work today when the most awesome double rainbow appeared on the highway directly in front of me. it was inviting me to climb up, out. the song, well it’s just been stuck in my head for a few days.)

“can’t you hear that boom badoom…”

by JTW
©2011 JTW “” All rights reserved.


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