and so now i can feel it a little bit
heading in the right direction
summer can suck it
choke on affection

sunny days are overrated
rainfall’s under-appreciated
and this house is dilapidated
but my frustration’s abated
temporarily satiated

a conversation’s worth at least a thousand
so talk me down
talk me way way down
and i’ll jump in a pile of green leaves
just for the familiar thrill of it
then i’ll rake them up
to do it all over again

don’t worry, i won’t call
i won’t even text
i’ll leave it at this

okay but wait
just one thing
while you’re searching
for that love
forever & true
have you noticed what it’s doing
i mean
what’s to become of you

yeah yeah
take great care
and i hope you’ll find everything
and that you’ll be very very happy

in the meantime
i would have carried it for awhile
let your back rest
and once he came
would’ve wished you the best

or maybe

well there could have been lots of questions
but i guess you already found
one answer
and that was enough
or too much

so afraid of anything
without knowing everything

“the catch is…”

by JTW
©2011 JTW “” All rights reserved.