we love to analyze. we’re processors, hyper-vigilant. checking, re-checking. writing it down. holding it up in front of the light – comparing it against older carbons.

except, i don’t take any of that as seriously now. i consider its worth to be somewhere on the level of a reality TV show; it’s mostly entertainment value.

because what has a life of over-analyzation in the depths of conformation brought me up to this point? nothing but disappointment, anxiety, depression, poverty, heartbreak, abuse, a nervous breakdown, 100 pounds of extra fat, premature hair-loss, etc – and i’m not even 30 yet. well screw that. i finally discovered how to put all that computation in its place and be alive.

now i ride this coaster (that i used to fear) and love it for a lot more. hands up, baby. the only questions are simple ones: is it fun? do i want this? am i happy?

so guys & gals, i’m passing the baton. someone else can carry the torch for the next leg of martyrdom – i won’t be available. i’ll be somewhere hot, steamy, tropical.

you’re responsible for you. i’m responsible for me. for my life & the people i choose to allow or invite into it. if you don’t like it, don’t like them, don’t approve of my happiness, don’t agree with my decisions – vaya con dios. you think you are anyway.

oh, and the recipe for that look:
1 part admiration
1 part desire
1 part reflection
2 parts mystery ingredient-an old family secret (*wink*)

look…a corkscrew! love those! wheeeeeeeee……

“i’m a bad boy…”

by JTW
©2011 JTW “jtwhitaker.com” All rights reserved.