at what point do we have to accept the inevitability of this desperation? it’s never this easy. never. even when it is.

and we already know. and yet there is something that can’t be denied. and so a schism ensues – between what is inexorable and what we cannot refuse.

are you watching the signs? in a landscape of similarities there is one glaring difference separating us. i’m afraid those 180 days are the defining crust. and it will crack when the tremors increase. already the tremors are becoming noticeable.

how much control do we have over what we become? we think experience teaches us so many lessons but we are slow learners. and some things can’t be helped. time is the only true champion of change. and it’s 50/50.

in the presage of this fault line i want to run & stay at the same time. i want to run for her. i want to stay for me…

because, at the end of the day…well, i live alone.

“watch the soles burn on a funeral pyre…”

by JTW
©2011 JTW “” All rights reserved.