you’d make such a lovely sculpture
carved up real nice
by my blade & chisel

that’s what you want
for me to beautify you
walk around you like
a sculptor
paying attention to your
every detail
polishing you to
the perfection you seek

so i tried
and what i found
is that you’re hollow
every tap sends cracks
you’re too rigid

what to do with you now
you won’t melt into my cup
there’s no refreshment in you
nothing to work with
well, you’ve reminded me of my power
and you’re supplying this gravity
i think the best thing at this point
tip you over
let the bits fly where they may
maybe if you have to start over
you’ll become
but my utensils are not for you
so i’ll just be going
my parting gift to you
this push

“…let die”

by JTW
©2010 JTW “” All rights reserved.

[originally posted in comments here.]